Mesaisine 1995 yılında Ankara’da başlayan Profit Neşet GÜNE Tasarım Stüdyosu’nun ana felsefesi “İç Mimarlık mesleğini tüm gereklerini en iyi ve en doğru biçimde, kendi üslubuyla yerine getirmek” oldu.



Our “mission” as interior architects is to help people live their dreams, joys, sadness, memories, in short, to help people live freely among their feelings, sometimes to make money sometimes for passionately making love, to create the “ideal” places not for the designer but for the user.. The rest is noise, clearly “self satisfaction”!

Neşet Güne
* Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Interior Architecture Conference (January 2009)

We, as Profit Neşet Güne, have started our shift in the Turkish Construction Society in the year 1995, in Ankara.We have determined our primary establishment philosophy “to fulfill all the requirements of the profession of Interior Architecture in the best possible means and in our own unique genre.”

As years went by, through our disciplined and solemn practices, our always improving design line, our unyielding high quality and work ethics, we have established ourselves to be an acknowledged and preferable firm and have consistently added many new and grander projects to our active portfolio and references.

From the day we were founded and onwards, we, as Profit Neşet Güne Ltd., have always made it a principle to invest in individuals. As we have pursued a high level of work tempo in order to provide for the happiness and satisfaction of our clientele , we have, simultaneously, given attention to improving and expanding our personnel in relation to our increasing work load and the demands of technological progress.